"Research is the key to curing metabolic body odour. We need to understand why it occurs, and what consequences it has."

Since 2009 MEBO research UK has been representing people who suffer from metabolic body odour conditions. We work with patients, scientists and medical professionals to promote research into these disorders. MEBO was founded and is run by by people with trimethylaminuria (TMAU), a metabolic disorder which leads to a chronic and debilitating body odour in affected individuals.

The MEBO UK mission

MEBO UK’s main goal is to assist research into metabolic malodour conditions. We do this by bridging the gap between individuals with the condition and researchers. 

Recognition of metabolic malodour conditions

Many people struggle to get a diagnosis of a malodour condition. We also believe that the impact of these conditions on quality of life is often understated.

Research into treatments

MEBO works with scientists who are developing or repurposing treatments for metabolic malodour conditions. This may lead to new or better treatments for people with MEBO conditions.


Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is the most well known and clinically recognised malodour condition. Individuals with TMAU often suffer from a body odour resembling rotting fish, caused by the build up and excretion of the volatile gas trimethylamine. Most of MEBO’s research interests involve TMAU and those who suffer from the disorder.

More information about MEBO

Mebo Research UK Ltd is a not for profit company registered in the UK. Our sister organisation Mebo Research Inc is a public charity registered in Florida. 

Mebo is a NORD and EURORDIS  organisation member, and its directors moderate the trimethylamineurea board on rare connect. MEBO is referenced as an Advocacy and Support Organisation on websites such as Genetic Alliance and Orphanet.

Currently MEBO UK is focused on Research. If you would like to join our support groups and connect with suffers around the world, please consider visiting Mebo Research website here.